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Stories from Beecroft Garden Primary School

Here are a few Helicopter Stories that one of our Helicopter Centres of Excellence – Beecroft Garden Primary School, have collected so far this term:


Once upon a time there was a red angry bird called red and the black angry bird came and the black angry bird was bomb and then the white angry bird came and the white angry birds name was Matilda and the other angry bird was called the three blues and the pigs can be in it too and the pigs got the eggs and that the angry birds made and there was king pig and king pig he eats the eggs sometimes when the angry birds aren’t looking and that’s the end now.


There was a princess Sindi, a lady bug in the garden. Safi’s the lady bug. Um a prince, Graham’s the prince, Graham give the princess a ring.


Little red riding hood went to the forest to give her mother some cakes. And the big wolf came. He take grandma into his tummy.

*names have been changed


Language development of an EAL child at Beecroft Garden Primary School

‘M’ has been in the nursery class for a year now. He speaks Afghan at home and was silent for a long period when he started nursery and also after his summer holidays back in Afghanistan. ‘M’ prefers not to take part in the acting out of the stories. These are his stories over a year. He started with his name and moved on to his interests such as spiders and football. You can see the development from single words to sentences.
M’s stories over a year

‘M’ is my name, racing car, I think, spider


‘M’ playing football, ‘M’

Dinosaur, raah yeah, yup, Raah, eat. He is going eat crocodile eat. Dinosaur eat him. He eat dinosaur.

Kicking my brother. I kicking my house. I kicking up there. My daddy said “play football, my house, kicked up there.” Car his car going shopping and my brother lemon water in my house in my fridge.

I was sitting in my big seat. Doctor my tooth was hurting, he gave me Spiderman sticker. He put gold tooth there. Me take my watch and blaster.


(This boys name has been replaced with the letter ‘M’ throughout)

Stories from Beecroft Garden Reception class

Chosen by Sarah Davies, Reception Teacher


I  have chosen these three stories because they so clearly illustrate how children are using the stories to make sense of new experiences.


L’s story shortly after starting school

“The story is about a tiger at school. When he was going to school he was running. And then he tripped over. He hurt his knee. Then he rushed back to school and didn’t fall over. And then he was at school. He ate his lunch all up, and then he had to go to the toilet. And when it was home time from school he met a girl tiger.”


A’s first story

“Once there was a fairy. Unfortunately a monster kicked her. She went to the doctor’s. And then the fairy didn’t like the injection. Yes. She got a sticker. The end”


This one mixes fiction and fantasy clearly drawing on story language, as well as his own interest in cars and shoot ‘em ups..

W’s story

“One day there was a car, a racing car. And one day he went for a drive. One day a bigger car drove up to him and said “Want a fight?” “If you insist,” said the good car, stretching out his guns. Suddenly the good car just jumped over him, gave him some petrol and he floated up. And then the goody car shot him up.”