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Our minibeast theme during the summer term provoked lots of stories from the children in Cherry class.

Some of the children decided to create a story as part of a group when they were sat together at snack time:

The spider and the pretty butterfly

The spider founded a butterfly in the big broccoli tree. They spin webs. The butterfly flies and takes the spider home to the bush. They play hide and seek then they get in the bath of leaves and bubbles. They dry themselves and then they say goodbye.

The butterfly goes home into his cocoon and eats his dinner, he eats steak pie and gravy.

Lily the butterfly met a spider called Jack on a leaf. They get married, the girl will wear some clothes and the boy will wear some marrying clothes. Then they will marry. They will go on the stage. They will dance on the stage and make a spider web, people will come and break it.