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Stories from Beecroft Garden Primary School

Here are a few Helicopter Stories that one of our Helicopter Centres of Excellence – Beecroft Garden Primary School, have collected so far this term:


Once upon a time there was a red angry bird called red and the black angry bird came and the black angry bird was bomb and then the white angry bird came and the white angry birds name was Matilda and the other angry bird was called the three blues and the pigs can be in it too and the pigs got the eggs and that the angry birds made and there was king pig and king pig he eats the eggs sometimes when the angry birds aren’t looking and that’s the end now.


There was a princess Sindi, a lady bug in the garden. Safi’s the lady bug. Um a prince, Graham’s the prince, Graham give the princess a ring.


Little red riding hood went to the forest to give her mother some cakes. And the big wolf came. He take grandma into his tummy.

*names have been changed