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The spring term has been a busy one for Kemsley Primary Academy. News of Helicopter story acting and story telling seems to have been spreading in Kent and we have hosted visits from colleagues from schools in Maidstone and Deal. All our visitors went away with enthusiastic plans to start to develop the technique in their schools. We have also received an email from colleagues at a kindergarten in Washington USA who are planning a visit in the summer to find out more about Helicopter, exciting times!

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Closer to home the new starters in our nursery have enjoyed their experiences of storytelling and acting and we recently shared these with some of our families when they were invited in for sharing sessions as part of our parent consultation week.

Here are some of the stories told by some of the children last term.

“One day a lion was in the jungle and he looked behind the long grass and when he looked he seen five cows. The lion was going to eat all the cows. When the cows saw him they went in the house but one cow carried on playing, then the lion ate the last cow.”

By Habiba*

“Once upon a time there was a queen called Gemma and there was a king called Kevin and there is a little baby princess called Elsa and the sister is called Elsa and there’s another sister called Elsa.

A baddie comes and tries to take the sisters and the baby. Gemma and Kevin fight the baddie and then the baddie is dead….the end.”

By Sarah*

“Two trains were heading towards each other. They jack knifed and bashed up. Then there was a London train coming into the platform and there’s a Sheerness train coming that doesn’t have any coaches”

By Ben*

*names have been changed to protect their identity